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We provide testing throughout the country, typically scheduling a couple days in advance. We can have all employees/clients tested with Positive results very soon after.

Are Rapid Tests Efficient?

Learn more about COVID-19 testing capabilities including the differences between a "Rapid Test", PCR testing or Antibody testing.

On-Site Employee Testing for COVID-19 Serum Antibody and/or PCR Swab Testing in San Diego & Southern California

Discovery Health Services has been providing on-site wellness services throughout San Diego and nationally to government agencies and employers since 2006. Employee biometric screening, Hepatitis Antibody Testing, TB Testing, and total employee health blood tests are services we conduct every year. We've now added On-Site Employee COVID-19 Antibody & PCR Testing to our service menu.

Employee COVID 19 testing at work is our newest service, often provided in conjunction with our On-Site Employee Temperature Screening, to create a work environment in which employees feel safe, respected, and at ease.

We have chosen the best tests available, The UCSD Labs Diazyme Serum Antibody Test and the ThermoFisher TeqPath COVID-19 PCR Test. These gold standard tests are unsurpassed and as importantly read and have results produced by labs meeting the highest standards in the industry including UCSD, Healthquest, and Bach Laboratories.

Rapid tests are unreliable, with the best among those currently available reporting accurate results just 67% of the time.

The tests we use are above 98% accurate. Until there is a rapid test product on the market that meets our standards we will not offer them and continue to advise against their use.

The DHS Comprehensive on-site Employee COVID-19 Testing Program

Our on-site employee COVID-19 testing services are comprehensive. We provide all policy documents, employee messaging templates, logistical planning, personnel, supplies, and create a HIPAA compliant aggregate report for your company.

Getting Started with COVID 19 Testing for Employers 1-3 days lead time. Same-day requests can be accommodated but not guaranteed.

  • Call to discuss your needs and options
  • Review of Service Agreement and sign
  • Establish date/s of service
  • Receive electronic copies of policies and our messaging templates
  • Determine logistics with the Site Supervisor we've assigned to your account

Event preparation and launch

  • Disseminate employee notice and consent forms
  • Employees schedule their testing times
  • DHS healthcare workers and supervisor set up
  • Employees arrive with test Requisition Forms
  • Samples and paperwork collected by DHS Team

Results and reporting 1-5 days*

  • Employee results are available on-line in 24-48 hours on average
  • DHS sends your aggregate report, recording positives and negatives within 4 days of results being available*

Employee COVID 19 Testing with Purpose

The ROI for the employer is realized in having employees that are able to focus on their work and productivity without the fear and concerns they -and we- encounter as we adapt to these extraordinary times.

When integrated with purpose a COVID-19 employee testing service and/or Temperature Screening Service can have a profound positive impact on your company's push to reopen and thrive.

This is an opportunity for employers to strengthen their relationship with workers and invest in their wellbeing. In return, employees that feel their employer cares for and is willing to invest in them provide these benefits to their employer:

  • Better productivity
  • Fewer grievance claims
  • Fewer sick days
  • Better customer service
  • Improved co-employee cooperation
  • Fewer work comp claims
  • Increased employer loyalty
  • More positive ambition

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