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We provide testing throughout the country, typically scheduling one to two days in advance and same-day service is often available. We have the most comprehensive, trusted testing service in the US and decades of experience.

Are Rapid Tests Efficient?

Learn more about COVID-19 testing capabilities including the differences between a "Rapid Test", PCR testing or Antibody testing.

On-Site Testing for COVID-19

PCR Testing, Rapid Antigen Tests and Serum Antibody Testing, Nationwide

Discovery Health Services has been providing on-site wellness services nationally to government agencies, schools and employers since 2006. We work in every state in the US and hold a Federal Clinical Laboratory License, making us one of the few providers able to legally conduct COVID-19 testing throughout the country.

We've applied our expertise to develop programs for on-site testing specific to the needs of every sector we serve, creating programs, strategies and legal policies for:

  • Employers looking to conduct mandatory employee COVID-19 Testing; We have special programs for Manufacturing, Office Settings, Return to Work testing, Outbreak Containment, and Employee Travel. An account manager is assigned and lends their expertise and guidance to ensure your testing delivers real ROI, is sensitive to employee perspectives and conforms to applicable labor laws.


  • Schools and Universities conducting student testing and/or faculty and staff testing; We assign an expert in policy and testing to help create a strategy that best fits the needs of your institution so your testing is budget-minded, safe, efficient and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.


  • Event testing of attendees and staff;  We conduct both PCR Testing and Rapid Antigen Testing for meetings, weddings, concerts and gatherings. For larger groups an Event Coordinator is provided with your service to ensure wait times are minimal and testing is well organized.


  • Testing under SAG/AFTRA guidelines for production and Entertainment Industry related services; We provide services to the entertainment industry every day of the week for both testing and COVID Compliance Officers that are experts in meeting the requirements set forth by SAG/AFTRA. Our Advisory Board has even developed a Best Practices manual for your industry so we are never without an answer when our industry clients have a question or need guidance.


  • Restaurant and Hospitality worker testing, and testing as a guest service; COVID-19 testing of restaurant workers and hotel staff is paramount to maintaining a safe environment where guests and customers feel comfortable. Success in these unprecedented times is predicated on your ability to adapt and manage budgets while investing in public perception and avoiding shutdown.


  • Government, Municipality and mobile Testing for the Public under Government-sponsored programs; DHS has decades of experience in providing vital medical services, such as mass vaccination and public titers testing of the public under various contract types, including through the RFP process and as a listed vendor. We are able to test on a mass scale and provide COVID-19 testing with results in less than 48 hours at our mobile sites. Our clientele include the US Customs and Border Patrol, Metro Transit Authority, San Diego Airport Authority and several State Universities throughout the country.

We understand that finding or choosing the right COVID-19 Testing Service can be a daunting task so we've created this guide (click here) to help you ask the right questions and invite you to call or contact us anytime to enquire about our company.

We are CLIA Licensed which is required of all testing companies, and experts in testing strategies and methodologies. Creating a testing strategy that is right for you is part of our service and provided at no additional cost.

Tests we Offer for Detection of COVID-19:

PCR Testing: The most accurate of all test products. Analyzed in a CAP Accredited Laboratory with same-day to two-day results. Same day or 24-hour results are available for an additional fee.

Rapid Antigen Test: 15-minute results. Fast, accurate, professional assay using the latest technology in on-site COVID-19 testing products.

The UCSD Labs Diazyme Serum Antibody Test: analyzed in a CAP Accredited Laboratory this test is the best of the antibody products and appropriate for determining whether a person was previously infected with the virus.

The DHS Comprehensive on-site Employee COVID-19 Testing Program

Our on-site employee COVID-19 testing services are comprehensive. We provide all policy documents, employee messaging templates, logistical planning, personnel, supplies, and create a HIPAA compliant aggregate report for your company.

Getting Started with On Site COVID 19 Testing

  • Call to discuss your needs and options
  • Review of Service Agreement and sign
  • Establish date/s of service; same day service available
  • Receive electronic copies of policies and our messaging templates
  • Determine logistics with the Site Supervisor we've assigned to your account

Event preparation and launch

  • Disseminate employee notice and consent forms
  • DHS healthcare workers and supervisor set up
  • Employees arrive with test Requisition Forms
  • Samples and paperwork collected by DHS Team
  • Results reported immediately if using the Rapid Antigen test

Results and reporting

  • Same day expedited results are sent to client as soon as posted*
  • Regular results are available on-line in 24-48 hours
  • Rapid Test results are given at time of testing and an aggregate report provided within the day


  • Same day results: for a fee of $260 to $580 we will courier your results to the lab and guarantee results in less than 24 hours for PCR testing.
  • Rapid testing: We have recently onboarded the first rapid tests that passed our tests for accuracy and reliability. They are Antigen tests and priced at $85 to $105 depending on the number of tests administered per visit.
  • Cycle testing: DHS has created an algorithm for testing large groups that reduces the expense of conducting ongoing group or employee testing. At no additional cost a DHS expert can work with you to apply our Cycle Testing methodology to your population, allowing you to de-risk for less.

COVID 19 Testing with Purpose

The ROI for the employer is realized in having employees that are able to focus on their work and productivity without the fear and concerns they -and we- encounter as we adapt to these extraordinary times.

When integrated with purpose a COVID-19 employee testing service and/or Temperature Screening Service can have a profound positive impact on your company's push to reopen and thrive.

This is an opportunity for employers to strengthen their relationship with workers and invest in their wellbeing. In return, employees that feel their employer cares for and is willing to invest in them provide these benefits to their employer:

  • Better productivity
  • Fewer grievance claims
  • Fewer sick days
  • Better customer service
  • Improved co-employee cooperation
  • Fewer work comp claims
  • Increased employer loyalty
  • More positive ambition

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Smart businesses hire us because we consistently exceed expectations. Our company works every day with the mission of achieving perfection in what we do for our clientele and the jobs and careers we provide our employees. Supported by a dedicated team and 24-hour live on-call support, DHS delivers.

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